Key 88

Establishing a Legacy of Harmonious Giving

The success and value of NWSA is soundly demonstrated through the many accomplishments of its graduates. Despite thekey88_nwsa fact that over 75% of NWSA college students qualify for financial assistance and 20% of high school students are economically disadvantaged, 99% graduate from high school and 95% go on to college. The discipline, passion and creative problem-solving skills instilled by the NWSA experience allow college graduates to go on to great success in fields that include the arts, communications, education, business and more.

Committed to ongoing excellence in education, New World School of the Arts (NWSA) has developed Key88, a three-year/multi-million dollar fundraising initiative. We need your financial support to ensure that NWSA students receive the best educational experience possible. Join this worthy effort today — your three-year commitment will help us reach our goal and your gift will multiply through individual, foundation and State matches. For example, the minimum gift of $5,000 required to participate in Key88 will, after matching funds, deposit $11,000 into the endowment account. Take advantage of this opportunity to maximize your giving power and support a school that makes Miami a better place.

Although the Key88 membership period has closed, donations may still be added to either the Key88 Operations or Key88 Scholarship endowments. Donate by clicking the donate button on the side of the page and specifying which fund you would like to support, or contact Dr. Jeffrey Hodgson at 305-237-3417 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information about Key88, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Hodgson at 305-237-3417.

With two decades of remarkable achievements to its name, New World School of the Arts is ready for its next phase of growth. With a vision for the future, Miami philanthropist R. Kirk Landon issued the challenge. Inspired by the 88 keys of a piano, Key88 will provide a channel for Miami to celebrate and support the school. A man committed to tangible results, Landon has promised a gift of $100,000 when NWSA reaches its first year goal of $440,000 or 88 gifts of $5,000. Inspired by Landon’s vision and generosity, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has risen to the challenge. Founded with a belief in the value of education, the Knight Foundation focuses on inspiring and enabling communities to reach their highest potential. The Knight Foundation has committed to matching Landon’s $100,000 donation. With such community support, Key88 will build upon twenty years of NWSA successes and nurture growth in the coming decades.