NWSA’s first-ever Online Ensemble Concert features more than 200 musicians, guest artists and faculty members Youtube Premiere TBA

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New World School of the Arts will present its first-ever Online Ensemble Concert in a virtual setting. Entitled “Resilience: A Musical Response From Our Home to Yours,” this ensemble concert showcases over 200 musicians; 180 instrumental and voice students, 11 renowned guest artists, three alumni, and more than ten faculty members and ensemble directors. The concert is a testament to NWSA’s commitment to excellence in arts education and training even in the face of adversity and unexpected challenges.

“I am proud of the work the faculty, students, guest artists, and supporters did on this project. This was an unprecedented project during unprecedented times, which made it all the more challenging, but it inspired all of us with the light of hope to guide our way forward,” said Dr. Daniel Andai, Dean of Music at NWSA. “Like any true ensemble, everyone played their part to the best of their ability amidst a pandemic and the Musical Response From Our Home to Yours, was undoubtedly one of resilience and pride that I hope everyone can enjoy for years to come. This project is only one of many examples demonstrating the importance of New World School of the Arts in our community and in the world.”

• Livestream Premiere: NWSA YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChDOMrN5mkqlJ2eU-lfYcKQ
• Admission is free. A $15 donation is encouraged to supplement the NWSA music program. Details and donation link will be provided during the concert livestream.

New World School of the Arts continues its mission to empower students to become state, national and international leaders in the arts by challenging them with innovative ideas as they prepare for professional careers in a global community. These principles guide talented high school and college music students through an intensive and rigorous training. Undertaking the unprecedented virtual creation of this performance has been one of the many ways the New World School of the Arts Music Division has kept its commitment to the students.

In preparation and execution during the Fall semester, NWSA music faculty and students dedicated countless hours to the concert, learning musical scores and technologies that allowed them to rehearse and present their individual contributions from their home settings. This preparation entailed learning to record their music utilizing equipment provided to each student by the school and working closely with faculty members, a sound engineer to synchronize tracks and a producer to link the visual and audio aspects of the performances, into one cohesive online concert.

Dr. Bryan Hayslett, assistant professor of cello at NWSA and project assistant said, “Since the pandemic began, all musicians felt the challenges of being a performer at a time when audiences couldn’t safely gather for concerts. We found ourselves in an entirely new situation, so we felt that this concert would bring together the entire NWSA music community and provide a practical response for our students. At all levels, we learned new skills and overcame challenges that seemed insurmountable. We had to redefine collaboration and approach problems creatively. I am inspired by the tenacity and fortitude displayed by our students and my colleagues, as we safely made music in our homes while the halls of our school remained silent.”

Among the music that will be presented during “Resilience: A Musical Response From Our Home to Yours,” include:

• Malambo, from Estancia Suite by Alberto Ginastera (NWSA Symphony Orchestra; with guest artists Alex Ayers, Laura Hamilton, Lee-Chin Siow, Paul Hauer, Cecee Pantikian, Jay Liu, Evan Ocheret, and Hugo Valverde).

• First Suite in Eb for Military Band, Op. 28, No. 1 by Gustav Holst (NWSA High School Wind Ensemble; with guest artist Hugo Valverde).

• Second Line by Duke Ellington (NWSA High School Jazz Ensemble).

• The Unanswered Question by Charles Ives (NWSA College Chamber Orchestra).

• Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni (NWSA Camerata High School String Orchestra).

• O. Fortuna, from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff (NWSA Symphony Orchestra, High School Choir, College Opera Theatre Ensemble; with guest artists Alex Ayers, Laura Hamilton, Lee-Chin Siow, Paul Hauer, Cecee Pantikian, Jay Liu, Fran Daniel Laucerica, Evan Ocheret).

• Sonata in E minor, K. 408 by Domenico Scarlatti.

• L’Ete, from The Seasons, Op. 67 by Alexander Glazunov.

A Florida center of excellence in the visual and performing arts, NWSA provides a comprehensive program of artistic, creative and academic development through a curriculum that reflects the rich multicultural state of Florida. With programs accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art, Dance, Music and Theater, NWSA offers four-year BFA and BM college degrees, as well as the high school diploma. Through its rigorous curriculum and conservatory-style teaching NWSA empowers its students to become leaders in the arts. New World School of the Arts was created by the Florida Legislature as a center of excellence in the performing and visual arts. It is an educational partnership of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College and the University of Florida.

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