Admissions: General Information

Admission to New World School of the Arts is determined by a performance audition or a portfolio review. For detailed information, see the audition requirements for each division. Students may audition for more than one division, though the course of study is limited to one.

Freshmen and Sophomores are considered lower division students, and are subject to the academic policies set forth in the Miami Dade College catalog. The Associate of Arts degree is awarded by authority of Miami Dade College.

Junior and Seniors are considered upper division students, and are subject to the academic policies set forth in the University of Florida catalog. The Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music are awarded by authority of University of Florida.

The College Student Services Office of New World School of the Arts coordinates all administrative procedures for NWSA students. For more information, please contact us at: 305.237.3472


Freshmen and Sophomores should refer to the Miami Dade College catalog in addition to the following information.

General Education:
The State of Florida requires every student earning a degree to complete “general education courses”, providing a solid foundation for the academic program and for life-long learning.

New World School of the Arts students, while pursuing a highly focused program in the arts, are required to satisfy the general education requirement. NWSA believes that the general education courses help students acquire a base of academic skills and knowledge that is essential to developing the artists as a whole person, and as a member of the greater community.

Requirements and options for the 36 credits of general education are detailed in the Student Handbook distributed by NWSA to incoming students.

Minimum requirements for admission:

  • Fully completed on-line UF application with $30 fee mailed to UF. (See instructions.)
  • Completion of one college level math and one college-level English course with grade of C or higher
  • Foreign language requirement (2 years of a single foreign language in high school or eight (8) sequential credits at the college level or CLEP, IB, OR AP examinations.
  • 60 lower-division credits

After admission:

  • If this requirement is not met, no further enrollment in upper division arts courses will be permitted.
  • A student who has not completed general education courses before acceptance into UF must continue enrolling in M-DC general education courses each semester while taking upper division art courses. A STUDENT WHO DOES NOT CONTINUALLY REGISTER FOR GENERAL EDUCATION COURSES WILL BE DROPPED FROM UPPER DIVISION COURSES.
  • The AA degree must be completed by the end of the junior year.
  • Students may not withdraw from general education courses without the permission of their advisor.

Students who do not meet minimum requirement for UF admission:

  • Students who have completed all lower division arts requirements but do not meet the UF admissions criteria indicated above will have two additional semesters during which to meet those requirements while taking upper division arts courses.
  • These students must complete a non-degree application and are considered OFA status
  • A student may attend UF in OFA status for two semesters only.

A transfer student is anyone who has attended an accredited college or university and is now seeking a degree. Transfer students must:

  • Request official transcripts
  • Request test scores
  • Have on hand any other records regarding credits earned from other institutions prior to admission.

The evaluation process takes six to eight weeks. For more information, please contact us at: 305-237-7408.