Community Service

What Is a Community Service Project?

Community service projects are planned, organized and voluntary efforts designed to address a problem or need in the community. To be meaningful, community service projects must address a real need or problem found within the school or community. The community service project you choose to do should also reflect your personal interests and skills. In addition, worthwhile community service projects require an on-going commitment on your part.

What Are the Community Service Graduation Requirements for New World School of the Arts?

To complete the community service graduation requirement for New World School of the Arts, you must complete a seventy-five-hour community service project between 9th and 12th grade.

What Types or Projects Meet the Requirement for Graduation?

You may do any of a variety of projects in order to meet the graduation requirement. You can spend time with senior citizens in convalescent homes, tutor elementary students, and work in a homeless shelter -and more! You may complete your project at a school or in the community. You may work as an individual and or you may work in a group. Below is a brief description of the types of projects that are acceptable

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